Benefits of BBS TV Process


Our goal is to maximize your budget, without compromising on the quality of execution and schedule. Our television commercial (TVC) process has been perfected over 35 years with strict attention to developing technologies, emerging media opportunities and the corporate requirements of our clients.

BBS TVC consultants become your advocates throughout the entire production process with the advertising agency and production, post production suppliers. Every BBS consultant has a minimum of 20 years of production experience as former executive producers, line producers or agency producers. We know the ins and outs of production first hand.

Objective. Proactive. Global. The BBS TVC Process.

Initial review of TV production storyboards

  • Identifies cost drivers and elements that are potentially time-consuming or problematic and propose solutions before they arise

Pre-bid meeting

  • Aligns teams on all deliverables and ensure that all production needs are provided for
  • Addresses 360? opportunities (unexpected or added uses of the advertising)

Bid review/negotiation

  • Emphasizes best value and confirms strategic direction
  • Confirms deliverables are provided for

Estimate approval

  • Aligns all stakeholders to negotiated production estimate
  • Covers key production issues for shoot/edit

Rights Management – artists/talent, music, licenses, stills, technology

Pre-production meeting

  • Reviews director’s shoot board, shot list and shoot schedule to ensure director’s alignment with strategy
  • Ensures best value is maintained as final production decisions are made
  • Allows for negotiations on any production issues to avoid costly on-set changes


  • Attends shoots to serve as an advocate onsite and handle problems should they arise.
  • If for some reason your BBS consultant does not attend the shoot, you will know how to reach them just in case.

Post Production

  • Reviews and evaluates all costs associated with postproduction and recommends approval or rejection of any overage that may arise.

After production evaluation

  • Offers opportunities for improvements for future productions