Our Talent & Rights Business Affairs department seamlessly manages all costs associated with union, offshore, celebrity talent, music rights and intellectual properties on your behalf. These costs have a significant impact on your campaign and annual broadcast, print and digital advertising budgets. Our staff can help with estimating performing talent and creative rights use, residuals, holding fees, and royalties.

Since 1985 BBS’ experts have helped our clients plan for performers compensation in North America and around the world, efficiently and comprehensively, saving our clients time and money while avoiding third party markups.

BBS manages all performing and creative rights by serving as the consolidator and paymaster for all talent, over-scale talent and creative rights use globally on your behalf. Clients are aware – in advance – of the talent costs, the rights they cover, and all future options and costs.

Over-scale and Celebrity Talent

Our talent professionals know the right questions to ask of celebrity and over-scale talent, and know when the answer is the right answer for you. We work with talent agents and managers to negotiate a workable deal within your budget and work with your legal department to compose a complete contract. BBS can manage everything from availability to inking the deal memo. As your paymaster, we will process all payments and notify you of specific agreement terms so you can exercise the agreed options.

Rights Negotiations & Licensing Acquisition

The BBS Business Affairs department handles researching, negotiating, acquiring and managing payments for licensed music and sync rights, film clips, and IP for advertising and publicity use.

Updates & Actuals

Based on your media schedules, BBS will estimate your talent costs based on your storyboards and send you annual estimates which are actualized quarterly so you are on top of your talent spend. We can give the financial ‘snapshot’ you want, when you need it. This level of transparency and cost tracking is invaluable for ongoing due diligence and budget control.

Reports are compilations of:

  • Talent Residual fees
  • Holding fees
  • Music use & re-use
  • Contract payments
  • Talent renegotiations
  • Payroll tax / pension & welfare (PT/P&W)
  • Agent fees

Training & Seminars

BBS offers a number of special training sessions and seminars on understanding the complexities of talent payments and union requirements in countries with ratified talent contracts and how to estimate and negotiate talent fees for artists working on non-union production locales.

Asset and Liability Controls

Consolidating all your broadcast, print and digital business affairs with BBS gives you the control you need to make informed decisions that have a financial impact on your brand’s advertising, regardless if you are working with your AOR, a creative team or in-house agency.

To learn more about our services including the BBS Talent & Rights Business Affairs Management department please call us at 203-454-8781 or email us..

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