Live Marketing initiatives deserve a rightful position alongside television commercials, print and interactive. The big difference is that Live Marketing engages the audience actively with your brand in person. That engagement should be meaningful, impactful and still measurable in order to determine the Cost Per Visit (CPV), Return on Investment (ROI) as well as maintain financial control and transparency. That’s how we see it at BBS.

360 Cost Perspective

Live Marketing is the perfect blend of corporate communications and theater without the drama of unbridled costs. Our EVENTS team has the combined expertise of the most experienced professionals in the Live Marketing industry. Our EVENTS cost knowledge base is built specifically on live events and meetings from multiple industry sources: design companies, creative, production and activation. The team is available to consult as early as possible in your process from initial scheduling/time-lining to show time. BBS EVENTS can be engaged globally.

Brand Image

In keeping with your brand essence and maximization of your marketing assets, and when appropriate, EVENTS will recommend best practices for an overall approach — such as broadcast and digital elements with a consistent brand message.

EVENTS areas of expertise include:

Creative development, video and film production, live broadcast (closed circuit), staging, special effects, audio, lighting and stage design, engineering and execution, graphic design, floor staff training and overall budget and production management.

EVENTS Live Marketing Events include:

B2B and B2C events
Flagship store design and openings
Industry tradeshows

We can assist you with meetings and events of any size for any audience — from a boardroom with 50 people to a convention hall with 50,000…

  • New product launches
  • Global sales meetings
  • Training meetings
  • Motivational meetings
  • Shareholder/stockholder meetings
  • User conferences
  • Press conferences
  • Permanent installations
  • IPO’s
  • Parties of every type

The BBS EVENTS team is ready to assist you overseeing your budgets and process. While globally expanding reach, together we have managed worldwide production for some 85+ million dollars annually. Our network spans many countries, continents and languages accessing a host of local providers no matter where on the globe you host your EVENTS and welcome your attendees.