Businesses are increasing their digital advertising to gain the advantages of scale, reach, tracking accountability, and fine-grained segmentation ability. Interactive advertising connects to the most coveted demographics who are leaving time-based programming in favor of on-demand information and entertainment. Digital marketing opportunities for digital display advertising, online video advertising placements, and interactive rich media experiences continue to expand.

But this meteoric rise in popularity has also exacerbated the confusion that surrounds interactive advertising production. Common reactions include confusion about digital advertising costs, agency team composition, media costs and media placement, and deeper technical questions. BBS Interactive consulting focuses on helping clients increase their success in interactive advertising by bringing insight into advertising agency processes, concerns, and costs.

BBS Interactive works to ensure that each agency project contains the correct alignment of scope, labor, risk-bounding assumptions, and final cost. BBS Interactive provides an objective third-party assessment of each statement of work, looking to find the fair balance between the interests of our clients and their interactive advertising agencies. BBS seeks to make this process as seamless as possible, while also making sure that critical explanations and assumptions are in place – for the benefit of both clients and their digital agencies. BBS Interactive respects the partnership between clients and interactive agencies and seeks to improve the relationship through increased clarity and transparency.

Typical types of projects

BBS Interactive most often provides analysis for online display advertising

  • rich media advertising units
  • flash banner advertising
  • static banners
  • social media advertising – Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads
  • social media maintenance for Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • mobile advertising and iAds

BBS also has experience and capabilities reviewing website/microsite concept/design/build projects, ecommerce, search engine optimization, and corporate/product website development projects. BBS has also been involved with more individualized projects such as Times Square interactive display projects and online-offline integrated campaigns with social media tie-ins.
The benefits to our clients and their agencies

BBS Interactive clients receive the information needed to understand what is fair and reasonable when agreeing to work with partner agencies. Clients receive a project-specific analysis to enable good decision-making.

Agencies also benefit by seeing that clear agreements protect their interests as well.

Beyond Interactive Advertising

Beyond the mechanical aspects of project document and SOW reviews, BBS Interactive provides strategic reviews of agency retainers, overall relationship structure, and provides a “translation layer” between the occasionally-opaque internal structures of agencies and their business partners who generally have their own internal organizations to understand and manage.

BBS Interactive also provides digital agency search services and recommendations to our clients using a well-honed search methodology. BBS aids the initial request-for-information (RFI) list, search project scheduling and management, competitive client conflict check and clearances, request-for-proposal (RFP) recipient selection, agency question handling, creative spec assignments, and final presentation coordination.