Without question, BBS people are our–and our clients’–best assets. With years of industry, agency, and client-side experience, BBS’ team is dedicated to contributing to our clients’ profitability through better advertising produced at lower costs.


Albert Stauderman
Founder & Director See Founders

Ted Bird
Founder & Director See Founders

Tara McCarthy
President and CEO [ + ]

Tara McCarthy, President and CEO of BBS and Director of Global Consulting, has over 30 years of experience in advertising production.

Tara has produced commercials globally, as a consultant, executive producer and owner of national and international production companies. Prior to joining BBS, Tara was the COO of a publicly owned company with five subsidiary production companies.

During Tara’s 18 year tenure with BBS, she has applied her expertise to advertising and marketing production to optimize production spend, increase innovation and maximize results.

Corky Fairty
Senior Vice President, CFO [ + ]

Corky manages the Talent and Financial Control Departments and BBS’ two music publishing companies (Bird Song Music and BBS Music) managing the re-use contracts for many of BBS’ largest clients. She has deep experience in Broadcast Talent understanding the very complicated contracts and codes involved and managing a 3-man department. She has become known as an outstanding negotiator and manager of over-scale and celebrity talent.

Prior to joining BBS, Corky was the Supervisor of the Broadcast Services Department at Doyle Dane Bernbach where she managed talent estimators and the traffic.  Corky also was on the AAAA’s Sub Committee on Talent Unions Affairs for five year.  In addition to her other responsibilities, Corky is responsible for managing the finances for both BBS Inc. and BBS WW.

Jim Martin
Vice President, General Manager BBS Midwest [ + ]

Jim manages the BBS Midwest office and serves as a Senior Content Consultant. Having worked as SVP head of an agency production services (Broadcast & print) department, Jim brings great oversight to all production issues including his artistic aesthetic in all of his work. As an executive producer Jim was in charge of international production as well as the agency’s representative to the 4A’s TV Production Committee. Jim is an acknowledged global authority and speaker on the production process and technical subjects such as high definition television. Jim exercises his art talents as a much-in-demand artist whose paintings hang in galleries and homes throughout the country

Suzanne Rivera
Vice President, Controller [ + ]

As Controller, Suzanne works closely with the CFO. Using her outstanding skills for analysis, she establishes and reviews accounting policies and procedures, maintains the automated accounting system and assures compliance with all applicable Federal and State statutes, rules, and administrative codes and procedures. In addition, Suzanne manages budgetary tracking, income projections and tracking various key performance indicators for annual reporting, expertise that BBS’ clients have come to appreciate. Suzanne also oversees BBS’s information technology, monitoring and maintaining the likes of license agreements, processes, and computer hardware and software keeping track of our large network of consultants. Suzanne recently earned her BS in accounting, along with a Certificate in Forensic Accounting which will give her even more depth in the skills she already offers. Suzanne is a Certified Bookkeeper, registered with the National Bookkeepers Association.

Prior to joining BBS in 1994, Suzanne owned and operated a small business in CT.

Christine Wadhams
Vice President, Advertising Financial Control [ + ]

Christine brings a keen eye and great attention to detail as manager of the 6-man Financial Control Department. In addition she directs the management of BBS database ensuring BBS records are well maintained and accurate. Christine who has her MBA, analyzes, assists and provides data to client managers and BBS consultants for tracking and savings reports, ensuring that all the information is vetted.


Rusty Ford
Senior Consultant, Advertising Production [ + ]

With a great understanding of overall cost process management Rusty has very successful partnership with both global and NA clients and agencies. His background has included both that of a Line Producer and Executive Producer/company owner for 30 years. He was a Board member of the AICP East and Former VP, Head of Advertising Production of an online agency.

Rusty remains active in music, performing with a New York-based advertising industry rock band whose proceeds benefit The American Cancer Society.

Shelley Lepetich
Manager, Broadcast Talent [ + ]

Shelley manages over $10MM in talent re-use payments and oversees client’s talent budgets for many of our largest clients. She brings a tremendous amount of experience in talent management and provides estimates yearly talent budgets for many of our largest clients.

Shelley began her career at ABC Television, NYC where she worked for 15 years as Manager of International Video Distribution as well as ABC sports.  She is a former professional actress, having worked with the American Theater of Actors in NYC and the Open Door Theatre in Boston her TV program and commercial credits include All My Children, Guiding Light, Key Bank, Regis Hair Products and People Magazine.

Jane Light
Assistant Manager, Advertising Financial Control [ + ]

As Assistant Financial Control Manager, Jane uses her exceptional abilities to assist agencies and clients in understanding the estimating and invoicing process. Working with some of BBS’s largest clients, she maintains all quality control procedures by monitoring financial estimates for accuracy and quality by submitting all agency production estimates for client approval and issues detailed reports, tracking all production estimates and invoices.

Prior to joining BBS in 2001, Jane was an admired elementary school teacher in CT later becoming an administrator and counselor at a private school in Massachusetts.  After moving to North Carolina in 1997, she served as Assistant to the owner of Pepsi Co.

Terri Maggiore
Supervisor, Financial Control [ + ]

Terry joined the Financial Control Department in January 2010. She manages client production data and creates detailed reports of total and average production spend for several BBS clients, ensuring accuracy and quality every time. She maintains an extensive amount of data into BBS’ tracking database, tracking and reporting BBS time management.

Terri worked as Account Manager for SFA Marketing for 9 years and in the advertising department at Caldor Corporation for 16 years.

Jennifer McNamara
Broadcast Talent Supervisor [ + ]

As a current Supervisor in the Broadcast Talent Department, Jennifer manages upwards of $7 million dollars in talent residuals yearly. In addition, she processes payments to commercial talent, renegotiates talent contracts and monitors TV commercial campaigns under Union’s codes and standards.
Prior to joining BBS, Jennifer worked for Industrial Bank of Japan as a Vice President in the Leverage Finance Group, where she served as a relationship manager for large corporate leveraged accounts.

Howard Potter
Content Production Consultant [ + ]

Howard’s production life began at NYU Film School and after a career as the Line Producer of over two hundred commercials working throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, he joined BBS as a TV Consultant. Howard is able to bring a particular awareness of business trends and costs and can lead both marketers and agencies through the often complicated waters with his experience both as a consultant and as a DGA Unit Production Manager. Howard enjoys spending his time with wife Judy and family, traveling, baseball (Mets fan), rowing, listening to music, dancing, and working together to help others.

Judy Renacia
Content Production Consultant [ + ]

Judy’s NYC agency experience and business in graphic design is the foundation of her production acumen. Judy brings her insight and creative perspective to both the approach and process of all phases of advertising production. Through years of managing still photography, print, prepress, and digital media production, Judy’s expertise is in streamlining productivity and establishing team-wide best practices in a fast-moving industry. Her partnership with agencies and clients provides an essential level of quality and attentiveness to each production.

Daniella Stollman
Celebrity, Intellectual Properties, Licensed Music, Sourcing & Negotiating Consultant and Broadcast Talent Supervisor [ + ]

As a current Supervisor in the Broadcast Talent Department, Daniella manages close to $2 million dollars in talent residuals yearly, processing payments to commercial talent and negotiating talent contracts. In addition, Daniella is our Celebrity and Licensed Music Consultant with over twenty years’ experience managing talent for renowned advertising agencies Bozell/Lowe & Partners and Deutsch. During that time Daniella negotiated the Milk Mustache celebrities for the Got Milk? advertising campaign, which is considered to be one of the most successful and longest running print campaigns in advertising history. At Bozell, Lowe & Partners, Daniella was the Talent/Music Director where she oversaw TV commercial talent budgets, payments, Union affairs and celebrity/music licensing. Daniella has worked on a variety of high profile accounts including Unilever, Macy’s, Johnson & Johnson, Tyco Toys, MassMutual, Valvoline, Pfizer, Verizon, Jergens, The New York Times, Perdue, Excedrin, Chrysler and FEMA. Over the years Daniella has cultivated strong and long lasting relationships with the leading celebrity talent representatives which has enabled her to provide expert guidance for her clients. A New York City native, Daniella now lives in Ridgefield CT with her husband and two children.

Sterling Vernon
Senior Consultant, Advertising Production, Interactive [ + ]

Sterling brings extensive experience as a former director of a large global interactive development firm and owner/operator of two interactive agencies. He has been both a supplier and agency buyer of interactive corporate and marketing work around the world.

With formal training in computer science, engineering, and studio art, Sterling is well equipped to understand the complexities created by merging creative production and the latest technology. By having direct project leadership experience with creative concepting, user research, user experience design, and technical software development, Sterling adds a broad, strategic outlook to look beyond the scope and numbers to seek real client value from agency partners.



Michael Canavan
Managing Director [ + ]

Mike Canavan – As CEO and Managing Partner of BBS Australasia, Mike brings great knowledge of production in addition to his well known enthusiasm. Before co-forming BBS Australasia in 2005, Mike was a Director, Cinematographer, and producer and was a principle with one of Australia’s most prominent commercial production houses.

Inese Dobra
Office Manager


Joseph Zhou
President, Senior Consultant, Advertising Production, TV [ + ]

Joseph brings great understanding of advertising production and an ability to find the proper solution for each client and project. Before joining BBS in 2007 to open the BBS China office, Joseph was Advertising Production Manager of P&G Greater China giving Joseph the hands-on experience that makes him outstanding at his work. His previous assignment (before P&G) was as a producer at Guangdong TV Station in China.

Yiko Yao
Office Manager [ + ]

Located in Guangzhou and with good computer skills and good English writing skills Yiko is a graduate from Guangzhou Hua Nan Commerce and Industry College with major in International Trade. Yiko was a project Manager at Xingpath (a trading company) prior to joining BBS China.


Gary Lansley
Client Services Director [ + ]

Gary joined BBS as European Client Services Director in 2014 after twenty-five years at Schawk, followed by five years as a ‘Founder’ of global advertising implementation agency Hogarth Worldwide. Beginning in print reproduction, Gary diversified into creative retouching, CGI, and moving image production and post production. With a reputation for production excellence coupled with integrity, Gary is BBS’s lead marketing contact for Europe and the Middle East, and is available to help develop new business initiatives worldwide, across all media.

Achim Albers
Senior Consultant, Advertising Production, Germany [ + ]

Achim began his 25 years in advertising as an Assistant Director and Production Manager. He spent several years shooting around the world for Benton & Bowles (largely for P&G) and Lintas Hamburg (Unilever, Elida Gibbs, among others). For the last 13 years, Achim has been Producer, Executive Producer and Owner of advertising production companies in Hamburg, most notably Production House. Achim was also a university Professor for a couple of years.He joined BBS in 2005.

Lillian Chan
Senior Consultant, Advertising Production, Singapore [ + ]

Lillian brings her unique understanding of SE Asian culture and business to all of BBS’ clients due to her time spent at both agencies and production houses. Prior to joining BBS in 2010, Lillian worked as a Director and Producer with a Singapore production house and has had many years of experience with advertising agencies such as McCann-Erickson (Singapore and Taiwan) and Leo Burnett (Hong Kong) where she headed the Broadcast Department.

Anni Cullen
Senior Consultant, Advertising Production, UK [ + ]

Anni’s years as a TVC production company producer coupled with her experience as a Senior Producer at several major agencies allows her to assist BBS’ clients in a highly productive manner.

Anastasia Dmitrieva
Consultant, Advertising Production, Russia [ + ]

Nastya brings over ten years in broadcast television production and as a producer at DDB, Moscow. In addition, she is a graduate of Moscow University with a degree in English.

Laurent Grousset
Senior Consultant, Advertising Production, Madrid [ + ]

A prominent Director of over 1100 commercials, Laurent’s awards include several Cannes Lions and many other US and international awards. As head of a major production services company in Spain and an acknowledged expert on advertising production practices and cost management throughout Europe, Laurent is an important participant in BBS’ global business.

Louise Isaacs
Consultant, Advertising Production, UK [ + ]

Louise brings her excellent Agency Producer background to BBS. Having worked at Grey as a producer, she worked with Procter & Gamble and Mars among others before departing in 2006 to freelance. She has been happily working with BBS since 2009.

Cherine Koura
Consultant, Advertising Production, Egypt [ + ]

Having worked as Production House Executive Producer for 5 years, Regional Agency Producer for 3 years and Advertising production manager at P&G for 8 years Cherine was a welcome addition to BBS in 2010. Since then she has brought a great deal of skill handling BBS TV production & print production jobs in EMEA.

Chris Martin
TV Production Consultant, UK [ + ]

Chris has over 30 years experience working in broadcast advertising production and delivery.

Starting out in post-production, Chris worked at various major London agencies before moving into his current role as a freelance producer and production consultant.

Ornella Occhi
Consultant, Advertising Production, Italy [ + ]

Working out of Milan, Ornella has been a great ally in BBS’ global consulting network. Beginning her film career with the Production Company Film Master (1977-1987) at first as Productiion Assistent and then as Prodcution Manager, she was able to work with some of the greatest film directors in the world. After this fruitful period, Ornella worked in producing the film “IL TEMPO DEI GITANI” (“GYPSY CARAVAN”) in Milan and then continued to free-lance as production manager (1988-2006) for most of the busy production companies. In 2006, BBS was fortunate to have Ornella join our group where she has been working as an advertising production consultant and working closely with BBS’ several offices.

Punam Rai
Senior Consultant, Advertising Production, India [ + ]

Punam is a wonderful combination of producer and controller bringing her expertise in both of these key areas to BBS’ SE Asian clients. Prior to joining BBS in June 2009, Punam worked with Television Radio & Motion Pictures as production controller and Executive Producer from 1973 and produced close to 200 films for the Indian and foreign market.

Juliet Rogers
Senior Consultant, Advertising Production, Print and Interactive, UK [ + ]

Having worked in the industry for 30 years, in advertising agencies, as a photographer’ agent and now as a full-time print and interactive consultant Juliet brings a special eye to BBS. She helps set the correct budgets, negotiates specific lime items in the estimates and attends pre-bid and PPM’s. She has done a considerable amount of work in setting market rates of post production and its use in the digital network. Handling usage negotiations, developing libraries and digital workflows for multinationals has made her involvement invaluable for some of BBS’ largest clients. Juliet is now very involved in the development of the best use of new technologies including cameras that can shoot stills/live action with the implementation of 3D.

Regine Schrempf
Consultant, Advertising Production, Germany [ + ]

Having produced commercials in NA, S. Africa, France, Spain, Italy and Germany, Regine brings a great point of view to her responsibilities as an advertising production consultant. Multi faceted as a first as a AD as well as a film editor. Regine has worked for some Germany’s key agencies including Economia (BBDO), Heuer and Sachse, Deep Blue and BrawandRieken.


Marcio de Lemos
President, General Manager, Brasil [ + ]

In addition to running BBS SA, Marcio is a commercial director and producer. Prior to joining BBS in 2002 he was an Executive Producer for Y&R Latin America and was instrumental in launching the program for regionalization of production for Colgate-Palmolive. He has supervised productions in Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and Miami. He has also worked as a free lance executive producer in Brasil overseeing American co- production shooting in Mexico and Chile for BBS. When not advising BBS clients, Marcio is actively involved in the promotion of his first feature film project entitled “Imperfect Love”. Written and directed by Marcio de Lemos. Marcio is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese (native).

Kátia Takeo
Operations Director, Brasil [ + ]

Kátia brings to BBS her 21 years of experience on the Marketing client side. Starting at American Express Cards in Brazil, she went on to work for Visanet, a card acquiring company and later joined the largest bank in Brasil – Banco Itaú. Her wide Marketing experience includes areas of Product Development, Product Management, Interactive, Clients Retention and Projects Development. Katia is a great new asset for BBS as she takes over the position of operations director.

Pedro Gaudiano
Senior Consultant, Advertising Production, Mexico [ + ]

Heading up BBS Mexican connection, Pedro brings more than 30 years of experience in advertising production. Joining forces with BBS in 2002, Pedro has provided BBS’ clients with outstanding production and copy consulting. Pedro spent 12 years at P&G where he had Commercial Production responsibility for the Latam Division as well as Copy Services responsibility for several P&G Categories. Since his departure from P&G, Pedro has worked with top global Clients, successfully helping them reach a higher ROI through increasing Advertising Effectiveness and Cost Efficiency. His key areas of expertise include Advertising Strategy and Development, Advertising Production Methodology improvement, Value added input throughout the process, Benchmarks development and Exploratory Production Process.

Florencia (Flor) Borensztein
Consultant, Advertising Production, Argentina [ + ]

Flor is BBS’ woman in Buenos Aires vetting bids and overseeing productions which are often created elsewhere but produced in Argentina or Uruguay. Her over 25 years of experience has made her an expert in the field and clients are always happy to have her advice and guidance when producing in her region. Flor’s extensive background in management and creative production began by working as a Production Assistant in the Advertising sector working with industry leaders. She quickly moved up the ranks to ultimately becoming the founder of an award-winning, international production company, producing world-class advertisements. Flor also founded Brava Producciones, producing live shows and events.