BBS offers global experience-based advertising services in five major categories of production process management with the goal of maximizing value while controlling spend.


  • Interactive Production – Pre-approving web design and interactive advertising production
  • Evaluation – TV storyboard, comps, interactive and agency bid specifications, trade show scopes, layouts, plans and budgets
  • Analysis and Assessment – of TV Production, Interactive Production, Print Production, Dealer Shows, Events, Flagship Stores, Trade Show and Radio Production costs
  • Implementation – Best Practices
  • Attendance – Available throughout the process including all production meetings and selected shoots
  • Benchmarking
  • Sourcing – Digital, branding agencies, trade show suppliers
  • TV Production, Interactive Production and Print Production Guidelines and Procedures – Creation of proprietary guides
  • Transparency – For all media
  • Consolidations, RFPS, Preferred Vendor Review and Sourcing
  • Distribution/Film Storage – Review current practices and source new suppliers


  • In-house seminars, Group and One-on-One Training Sessions – Custom tailored for marketing, purchasing, and financial teams
  • Lessons-Learned Project Reviews – With brand and agency teams
  • Production Guideline Reviews & Best Practices Updates – For brand and agency teams
  • TV Production, Interactive Production & Print Production updates on latest techniques – For brand teams
  • Talent Management 101 Review – When appropriate


  • Estimating and Invoicing Procedures – Establishing and managing client-specific policies and process, reviewing of all estimates and invoices with backup and reconciling of final costs with approved estimate prior to client action
  • Database – Maintaining client specific data in BBS’ proprietary database yielding both client and overall BBS production spend details
  • Auditing – Of suppliers on cost-plus fixed fee TV production
  • Cash flow analysis


The costs of talent re-use payments and original music have a significant impact on the total cost of TV production and radio production. BBS administers talent management and payments and publishes original music (capturing royalties) for a large number of our clients in the following ways:

  • Administering all talent residual payments and talent re-use estimating
  • Forwarding Holding Fee Notices and Cycle Expiration Reports
  • Estimating Talent Cost prior to production with Analysis of Talent Budget
  • Negotiating Over-scale and Celebrity Talent
  • Re-Negotiating with Talent
  • Managing payment for Print Talent and Personal Appearance
  • Consulting on Union practices
  • Managing Music Publishing and Licensing Services and Royalty recovery
  • Integrating International talent considerations
  • Producing training and informational sessions for advertisers
  • Becoming AOR once commercial goes on air assisting clients with more than one agency
  • Read more about our talent management services >